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Although my bead and jewelry designs are fairly diverse, you will see a hint of my passion for the Victorian Style come through in many of my one-of-a-kind, collectible wearable art beads and jewelry pieces. 

The main focus, in the majority of my beads, is on Roses and other floral designs.  My jewelry designs are casually elegant; from very simple designs for day to day wear  - to signature pieces with lots of bling for a night on the town - to romantic and elegant for weddings and special occasions!

About Lampworking

Each glass bead is created one at a time using the age old craft known as lampworking.  In the Victorian era, the flame from candles (lamps) were used to heat and melt the glass to form the beads.  Today, torches are used to melt the glass.  Steel mandrels are coated with a special release to wind the glass around to form the basic bead.   Once the glass is wound around the mandrel and the bead is formed, additional colors of glass are heated and manipulated in such a way to create designs.   When the bead is complete, it is placed into a digitally controlled kiln and annealed overnight to reduce any stress within the glass, and to ensure lasting durability of the bead.