Skill Levels

If you see a class you are interested in, but you're not sure if you qualify for the skill level required to take the class, use the following descriptions of each level to find out.

Please note that this is a quick reference chart for each skill level according to what we expect from you while taking classes offered at Peraza Glass Studios.  This is not necessarily a universal description, nor does it mean it is complete. 



  • You have an interest in making glass beads, but have never done so
  • You took a beginner class a long time ago, but you didn't make beads on a regular basis after that, and need a refresher course
  • You took a class, but you did not understand and have not been able to make round beads or perform basic lampworking skills although you have tried
  • You have been making beads on a regular basis for less than 6 months and are not quite considered an ambitious beginner at this time (based on what is listed below for "ambitious beginner)


Ambitious Beginner:   

  • You are familiar with and practice safety rules for lampworking
  • You are familiar with and understand basic terms used in lampworking
  • You are familiar with basic lampworking tools
  • You have been using a torch to create beads in glass for at least 6 months on a regular basis
  • You are able to make basic shapes (although maybe not perfectly, you do understand the techniques and practice regularly)
  • You know how to encase (basic - maybe not perfectly, but you understand the technique).
  • You can pull and apply stringer; decorate with frit, make dots - twisting, layer, feathering and raking; make simple dot flowers
  • You understand what COE means
  • You strive to improve your skill level



  • You can do all of what is listed in the ambitious beginner section with confidence and consistency
  • You also have used molds for your designs but you are able to make numerous shapes of beads (round, tubular, tabular, barrel, bicone, etc.) without molds
  • You have pretty good stringer control
  • You are able to encase an entire bead design with fairly consistent results
  • You probably have done off mandrel work
  • You can make twisties, pull multi-color cane, and know how to use them
  • You have good heat control and are able to use it in your bead making
  • You know what a punty is and know how to use it successfully



  • You can do all of the above with consistency and confidence
  • You are able to do more complex designs including, but not limited to, making murrini, small sculpture, etc.
  • You pretty much know who you are in the glass world at this point

If a class description states something like "advanced intermediate-advanced," that would mean that your skills fall somewhere between Intermediate and advanced; or "ambitious beginner-intermediate" means your skills fall somewhere between beginner and intermediate.